Using a background image in Hexagon as reference for modeling

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I am trying to figure out how to load up an image as a background as reference and draw paths to match paths in a park in. It seems it should be basic. Any other examples where others have done this?



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    Well, short of a technique for loading up a backgrouound, I am just visually estimating.

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    Well you could try attaching an image to the grids ;-)

    Select the image, put a checkmark in the little box, it should appear.

    n.b. Square .jpg images tend to work better. Not super large in weight though, remember Hexagon has limited memory.

    Put image on grid.png
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    Here's an example of how I might start such a project. Normally I would have started with the map on the floor grid but it doesn't matter, easy to move.

    The .obj is in the zip if you want it. I've put the image on a square canvas and resized it down for use in Hexagon.

    One then rearranges lines, extracts more lines, eliminates unnessary lines, etc. to make the floorplan. One can then draw up from various lines {copy/paste them to extract from} to make the buildings, etc.

    Resized for Hexagon.png
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    Apply to Grid Wall.png
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    I think some people work with reference materials in a 4-pane view mode. There are lots of videos on Youtbe that show the basics.

    Maybe you need to start with something a bit more simple. Here I have called a couple of small JPEG's with plain old lettering designs (typography) on them... I saved the graphics to my "Temp2" directory and the Scene - Properties pane lets me browse to any location, to insert graphics into the floor or background grids in the workspace. What I'm saying is that you might want practice building objects that match the letters (or something similar) using the line and curve tools in Hexagon, or by stretching edges and faces of polygons close to your reference material.

    I believe that for scale models and more precise work with your reference material, you need to set up precise guides and from there you want to have your lines and polygons "snap to" the exact position of your guides, but I've never been able to figure that part out. )-:

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