Serial number?

The software is asking me for a serial number, and I can't find that anywhere... where should I be looking for this?

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  • Hi,

    I originally installed Hexagon on a Dell T7400 dual quad-core (8 threads). Rendering times on most apps seemed OK initially but, I bought much faster computers and have ported most of my other applications to the faster computers (Dell T5500's, Dual-Hex, 24 threads, & Dell T5600's Dual-Oct 32 threads). After installing Hexagon on a new computer, it is prompting for a serial, and the one on my account (serial numbers) will not work.

    The dialog box says "Invalid license". I've tried the full serial number and the last four groups of numbers  (XXXXXXX-XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXX  and  XXXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXX).  I copied the serial numbers directly from the Account page and pasted them into the dialog box.

    Can I transfer the serial number to the new computer? Do I have to buy a new license? What are my options?


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    Your Hexagon serial number should start with HDZSTND-XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXX
    if you can't get it to wortk  then you will need to contact Daz directly by filing a help ticket 


    BTW   make sure that you haven't picked up a leading or trailing blank space when copy/pasting.

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  • HI,

    Yes, that's how my serial number starts, and I grabbed the last four groups of numbers per the prompt (see attached) from NotePad to ensure there was no formatting anywhere within the text, spaces, or otherwise. I even moved to the front and hit the backspace several times, then moved to the end and hit delete several times (On a PC). That SHOULD ensure there are no extraneous characters. I always get Invalid License.

    I'll open a help ticket. I haven't used Hexagon much, and I will switch to the old computer to ensure it works there. I was able to install Bryce 7 on a new computer and enter its serial number. I tend to install DAZ 3D from the DAZ Install Manager, and to my knowledge, it has never prompted me for a serial. It must work automatically. 

    Thanks for the help... 



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  • Chohole,

    It's working on both computers now. The slower computer was never activated either. So I tried the shorter serial number sequence which didn't work, so I tried the FULL serial number sequence and...  TA DA!!!  A simple step in the wrong direction, then several more without ever looking back. 

    After 35 years in the InfoTech industry, my mind works like a computer it takes EVERYTHING  TO  LITERALLY.   I saw what looked like a "mask" and assumed only the last four groups of numbers were required. 

    Thanks again,


  • I keep getting invalid license. No matter what i do.

  • As I recall there were occasions when the number could not be copy/pasted to work, had to be typed out in full.

  • I have my serial numbers on a word document and I copy/paste them from there.

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