Soften Tool Anomaly

Hi all,

So when I choose the soften Tool/Brush from the UV tab and hover over the site I need to soften, I leave a trail of circle influence all over the place instead of seeing just one circle or two if I have the symmetry setting on. I've seen it work correctly before to see only one or two circles (with symmetry) but a lot of times I get the trail of blue circle influence all over the place and then Hexagon gets unresponsive after a while that I have to just close it out and restart. Am I doing something wrong or is Hexagon defaulting to something in the settings that cause this? I attached a picture of this weirdness. The symmetry setting is on and I am hovering over the model's right side with the brush and the blue trails are mirrored on the other side (as expected for symmetry)



900 x 496 - 251K


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