How do I constrain a middle point in a three point line?

Can anyone tell me how to constraine a middle point to a line between two others?  Picture a v shape, I want to take the bottom point and move it exactly between the other two.  Gotta be a way right?




  • Have 2 lines selected and choose the auto-tessellation option which makes then an evenly spaced line between those 2 lines. Picture an H.

    Then select the unwanted lines and backspace on the keyboard ... do not remove vertices. There should be remaining an evenly placed dot on the one line.


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    Create a line.

    Select line.

    Click Line Tesselation.




    Create a line.

    Click Insert Points.

    Hold down SHIFT.

    Click on line.



  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 7,502

    There's usually more than one way to make something you need. I'd use a cube, tesselate1, then select one of those edges, copy/paste generates the 3 point line.  delete cube.

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