Setting Camera Frame Width from script

Hi there,

I have a script that instantiate a new camera , position it and sets up the focal length and frameWidth( see exmple below)


The focalLength works fine, but the frameWidth isn't getting set.... after digging more into the docs I see that frameWidth is a read only attribute which explains why I can't set it. However, I assume there is another way around it just can't find any function that can do that.

Hopefully someone here knows the answer to that.

Thank you.


  • You can use the getFrameWidthChannel() method on the DzBasicCamera object then set the value:

    var fFrameWidth = cam.getFrameWidthChannel();	fFrameWidth.setValue( 24 );


  • I just saw this.

    Yes, that worked perfectly.

    Thank you so much.

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