Possible to extract models from one OBJ?

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[deleted; I am going to write a custom OBJ separator]

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  • well you can use the geometry editor in DAZ studio too

    instead of deleting just hide selections and export objs with no hidden checked

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    you can do like this link. sorry this man is german. with the grow tool selection

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  • Being able to extract the parts which make up a prop can be very handy, especiallly when a hard drive goes down and all you have is the DS file. Drop a note here if this happens to you and need a quick and easy solution.

  • [deleted; I am going to write a custom OBJ separator]

    I often import a huge/merged OBJ modeled mess and extract the parts using the grow facet selection tool. But, ya. Using an app that will unmerge kludged OBJs downloaded from the net is probably best practice.

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