Giving Credit where credit is due...

I've been relying heavily on the forums here to solve many of my scripting issues (as most of us do). So, I was wondering if we are are supposed to give credit / acknowledgement for using snippets of the code that is provided by the actual Daz Site. Example :

Or are they free to use / modify? This is for a product for sale.

If we are supposed to give credit, where should we do that, since my script files will be encrypted in the final product.


  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 19,013

    They are CC3 unless otherwise specified, so you are required to give credit:

  • macleanmaclean Posts: 2,438

    Depending on the product, I occasionally include a .PDF Help File (The script for putting it into Content is in those sample docs too). If so, I put all the atttributions (with hyperlinks) at the end of Help.

    If not, I add them on the upload page and DAZ put them in the readme.

    Properly speaking, this is a PA question and would be better answered in the other forum. But I think my info is correct.

  • Ok, Thanks for the Answers! I'll be sure to add an Attributions page at the end of my Documentation, with links back to the Sample Pages.

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