How to get joint orientation by daz script

ftd1992ftd1992 Posts: 0

I want get joint orientation by daz script, but fail.

Some joint result is true like Left Shoulder Bend,but some joint result is error.

I need help.


(function () {

function radialAngle() {

var pi = Math.PI;

return 180 / pi;


var bone = Scene.getPrimarySelection();

var nAngle = radialAngle();

var rot = bone.getLocalRot();

var rotOrder = bone.getRotationOrder();


var o = bone.getOrientation()

oEuler = o.getValue(rotOrder.firstAxis, rotOrder.secondAxis, rotOrder.thirdAxis);

oEulerD = oEuler.multiply(DzVec3(nAngle, nAngle, nAngle));



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  • Moved to the scripting forum. I'm afraid I don't have anything constructive to add, other than to point out that the lined button with <> at bottom-right will give you a box you can post code into so that it keeps its formatting.

  • OmnifluxOmniflux Posts: 276

    What error are you seeing and on which joint?

    I have no error on G8F Left Forearm Bend, although the result with your script does not match the values in the Joint Editor (it does with Left Shoulder Bend).

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