German Sheperd and Leash for Poser 2014 and up?

Does anyone know if/where there exists a German Sheperd and Leash for Poser 2014?  I see that Hivewire has  a big dog and leash but not any sheperds and  that Daz has a Dog 8 figure along with a sheperd, but that is not made in a poser support version.  Thanks.


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    There's a German Shepherd in there (along with other dog types) that works with Poser 4 and up:

    (It's on sale, buy it now.)


    Here's a poseable leash for the original Millennium Dog:


    Added a quick and dirty render, made in Poser 11

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    Thanks Sempie!   Your response has resulted in me finding the German Sheperd in my already owned Millenium Dog Bundle, as well as a purchase of the Dog Lead/Leash you suggested!   

    I also found a free dog collar from a DAZ 2012 post of someone also looking for a MilDog leash and collar. There is a free dog collar here:

    I'm totally surprised that a collar/leash/lead item was never available from an artist at DAZ. It seems a no-brainer that it should have been something created and included in a dog Bundle. But it wasn't.


    Again,  though my response is belated, thank you for your post!!!!   It made a difference!


    PS Liked the German Sheperd Render!! Very Nice. Appreciated the effort.

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    You're very welcome....

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