DazToUnreal window not showing

Hello guys. I'm pretty much new here at this forum but i kinda have an issue with something in unreal engine. Just wanna check if it's just me or if i'm missing something here. My question is about the option under window ---> DazToUnreal. Whenever i hover over this option the tooltip is saying "Bring up DazToUnreal window" I know that within 3ds max or unity whenever u press a certain key or a certain button it does open a window with some options. Isn't it supposed to do the same with unreal? Because everytime i click this option it does..... nothing at all. Am i really missing something here or is this a bug or anything? Tried to re-install the plugin but still same going on.
Thanks for any help here explaining me if it's just at my end or if someone else is experiencing the same issue.


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