How to call a script a pass arguments using the command line

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I am trying to automate some processes in DAZ, and for this to work I need to be able to call the script and pass it some arguments from the command line (windows)

var oArguments = "Message from user"MessageBox.information( oArguments, qsTr("MyScript"), qsTr("&OK") );

I know this should involve using App.scriptArgs, so I tried something like this:

var oArguments = App.scriptArgs;	MessageBox.information( oArguments, qsTr("MyScript"), qsTr("&OK") );

I then call it from the command line using the script name, and pass my arguments. Still can't get it to work, the script runs without errors but the argument I type in the CMD is not being passed to the variable oArguments.

I would really appreciate the help here.

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