Daz Crashes

when i try to send a genesis figure to Hexagon using the Daz>Hexagon bridge, the figure loads in Hexagon but as soon as there is a piece of clothing on the figure Daz crashes. i see a lot of threads here about Hexagon crashing but in my case everything loads fine in Hexagon but it's Daz that has to be closed. Is there a way to fix this? i'm using daz 4.14 and the beta version of Hexagon.


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    My take on this is that it is really big geometry (lots of polygons) and you are by definition "occluding" polys where the piece of clothing is "covering" or attached to the figure. I could be wrong but for me Hexagon seem to work better with mesh that is built from the core of the object outwards - it doesn't like connected polys going back over themselves in reverse. Anyone?

  • I just tried it on mine and the bridge worked fine. What you can try is to change the resolution to Base (In DS, Parameters and Resolution Level from the list). You may also delete the eyelashes.

    Have you tried exporting an OBJ file rather than using the bridge tool, that way you do not need to have the textures. If it is a memory problem rather than a techy one, you could try chopping the character up, so if you are making trousers you only need the waist down so delete what you don't want and save a new OBJ file.

    If it is a techy problem fill in a bug report.

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    Is there a geoshell on the figure? That always causes problems for me unless I unparent the geoshell first.
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