Kherington HD for Genesis 8 Female Face Displays Light

I load Kherington and Kherington BodyPaint Full B and the bodypaint displays black but the face and lips display a light gray in Daz Studio 4.14. I think this was ok in previous Daz version. I've attched a file of what I am seeing. How can I correct this?


1234 x 1053 - 1M


  • I am having the same or, at least, similar problem.  Is there a fix?

  • Most likely the gamma values differ on one of the maps. In the Surfaces pane select the body and then click the little tunbnail next to any property with a map, select Image Editor, and note the gamma value. Repeat for the face maps and if any values don't match, set them to the value on the matching body map. Please do report this to support as a possible bug, ideally listing which maps need adjusting if you can identify it/them

  • Looks like a 4.14 bug.

    Diffuse layer weight is causing the error.

    Turning it off eliminates the problem.

    4,12 doesn't have this apparent issue.


    kherington test1.png
    500 x 500 - 259K
    kherington 4.14 beta.png
    500 x 500 - 307K
    kherington 4.14 beta comparison, diffuse olweight0.png
    500 x 500 - 415K
  • Im allso have the same problem, with the latest version.

    Thanks for the info.


    How do you turn of the diffuse layer weight ?





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    And the new version still has the same problem, 4.16,  So my old fully working, Sorry, non,  Non Responding version is Still 4.12 Pro.

    My partner now says, Are you playing with "Non Responding" again, when ever i use Daz Studio.

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