Idle Gestures and Head Movement

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Hey there - although a coder by trade, I've not yet done any scripting in Daz (beyond modifying a freebie script I came across somewhere) and am certainly not familiar with the various calls within Daz.

But, I have a project in mind .. and am curious from those with more experience as to whether what I want to do is a) Feasible and b) Simple enough that a newbie to Daz scripting can do .. 

Whay I'm looking to do is apply random idle head movements and gestures to a Genesis 8 character on the time line .. so that when the animation is executed, the character just appears to be randomly looking to their left, down, right, up .. their eyes might move up or down, left or right .. they might smile on occasion .. slightly open their mouth .. and of course, blink .. 

I remember the old Mimic Live used to apply these micro gestures when talking and that's what I'm looking to do .. 

Am looking for a script to do this as I won't be just doing it to one model - but many - and doing it by hand for each would no doubt become tiresome after a while .. 

So as I mentioned .. A) Feasible? and B) Something "simple" for a Daz Scripting newbie to get to grips with???


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