Examining MDL materials

After setting up a DzCustomMDLBrick, is there a way I can find out if the material it is setup with is thin walled?

I can use a DzMdlMaterialGetThinWalled brick in the shader network to do so, but I need the information while a script is running...

I've looked everywhere I can think of on both the DzCustomMDLBrick, and a DzMdlMaterialGetThinWalled brick after linking it to the Custom MDL brick, but if either expose this value, I am missing it...


  • OmnifluxOmniflux Posts: 185

    The result from DzMdlMaterialGetThinWalled is Variable, (although I think the way the value is looked up is actually Uniform), and I would like to feed it into a DzDynamicallyHiddenUserParametersBrick which expects type Direct. Is there anyway I can force this type conversion?

    Or a way I can tell if an MDL definition is Thin Walled while building my brick network in a script (as opposed to while rendering)?

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