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I vaguely remember using Photoshop gradients in the light lab in Bryce 5.5, as long as it was a single gradient per file. It’s so long ago, so I'm not sure. Today I found that I could not import the gradients getting this error “An unexpected error has occurred (invalid format)”. I’m using an old version of Photoshop CS version 7. Any ideas, suggestions or comments will be appreciated. I can only think of saving the light with the gradient in the objects library if I like the gradient and wish to use it again.


  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201

    mermaid - you create a picture with a gradient in Photoshop and want to save it in the Picture library? If so, make sure you save the BMP as 24 bit, not 32 bit with alpha channel.


  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,576

    Thanks Horo - does that mean I use it as a gel?

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201

    Mermaid - yes, Use Gel Image. You can also use Procedural and create a texture or go from there into the Pictures lib.

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    Thanks Horo, will give both methods a try.

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    Why not just use the gradient editor in the light lab. It's basically the same as the editor in Photoshop. Then the gradient range & falloff options can be used, which I find useful.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,576

    Thanks S Ray, you are right this is the way to do the gradients but I don’t know how to pick colors from photo’s in Bryce. Anyway I did a work around, I open the image in Photoshop and copy the RGB codes into Bryce.

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    mermaid - an easier way to get colours from any picture displayed on the screen would be the free Just Color Picker (, meanwhile v5.5. I use it daily.

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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,576

    Thanks Horo, I'll give that a try

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