Creating an Anaglyph

I have seen images posted in the Bryce gallery that are anaglyphs.  Mermaid010 and Horo are two that have these in their galleries. I'm just wondering how they are made.  Is it all Bryce?  I don't know that I want to try it but it would be nice to understand how.


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    NGartplay - yes, fully byrcemade. I made anaglyphs long ago by rendering two images with the camera a bit moved sideways, than added them with red and cyan filters. Very tedious because it is difficult to know exactly how much you have to move the camera. In this way, i still make anaglyphs from photographs.
    Meanwhile, David and myself made True 3D Rendering Set ( It features the ALS (Anaglyph Lens System with an Approximator (not exactly a calculator) to determine the point where the object is exactly at the screen level and the rest extruding the screen or goes behind); the ALST which uses a sphere to move along a Track (hence the T) to determine the crossing point; the ALST+ which has a wider range in depth; and then there is a camera lens to render two images side-by-side to be viewed with the eyes parallel and yet another one to be viewed with the eyes crossed. Each method creates the 3D image in one render. The lens can be "bolted" on the Perspective Camera and moves around in the scene.

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    I don't recall this product coming up when I searched for Bryce 7 during the last sale.  I think that the search feature is fussy. 

    Just today when you posted your MatCreator claw looking anaglyph I noticed the True 3D mentioned in the description.  Now I know what it is.  Thanks

  • Just bought Marsa Anaglyph 3D but not having much luck so far Waiting on reply to a couple of issues. 

    ...  will not allow me to save the image to a specific folder.  It keeps trying to over write the same image d4.png  I finally found it here 

    "\DAZ 3D\Studio4\temp"   I never even name it d4,png   No control over output what so ever. 

    Also can I only generate one at a time once I get this going? I cannot make a series? 

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