I need a little help

I remember something where you held a key down and clicked on a line. the line was deleted and the two adjacent surfaces became one surface. I hope someone can help.


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    Are you talking about Target Weld?

  • GreycatGreycat Posts: 332


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    Then you're talking about Backspace.

  • GreycatGreycat Posts: 332

    That maybe right

  • GreycatGreycat Posts: 332

    nope that's not it.

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  • GreycatGreycat Posts: 332

    I take back, that is it. Thanks

  • Wee Dangerous JohnWee Dangerous John Posts: 1,605
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    Ascania is right, it is the Dissolve Vertices tool you used.

    Not wanting you to go to far with your model, you are going to run into problems with the approach you have taken - Ngons (Selection, Select non 4 point faces).

    I recreated your model (using quick extrude and symmetry) and took a few screen grabs.


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