teen body has many seams in UE4

I want to export a manmade boy to UE4, it was original from G8M, then modified some shaping dials suck like weight, height, heavy, portly to make him looks like a fat boy, exported to UE4 by bridge, now it became a stitched boy in UE4, how to fix it?

Both UE4 and DAZ are the latest version.

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    Also I tried to use basic skin or add some new skin in DAZ before export, all the same.


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    you tried to "rebuild light"? it's looks like this type of issue.


    here my fat boy, it's looks normal no seams

    it's looks like some shader compilation issue, try to rebuild the lights.

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    I think this is the same problem I see frequently.  Those seams happen at certain mip levels depending on the UVs and texture.  It's actually a common problem (you can even catch it in Daz sometimes), it's usually not so noticable though.  What's happening is the texture goes from skin color to black or white (in this case it looks like black) right at the edge of where the UV sits.  So when it scales the texture down at certain distances, the black or white get averaged in.  The real fix is that the textures should stretch the same color past the UV edge so it has a good value to average against.

    I wonder if you're getting too low of a mip level.  That seems kinds of low res.  I think Unreal can run low on streaming memory as you work and it'll start using lower ones.  If you restart Unreal, does it improve this?

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    Sometimes the skins are bad (incomplete texture at the edges) and you have to "paint" over those seams in a graphics programm by using the "stamp", but here it looks like a "lack of video memory" issue.

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  • functionfunction Posts: 80

    Here I did some new test, seems the problem was caused by 'Face transfer'. (the top example also made by face transfer)

    Below the G8M was just made by face transfer, didn't add any skin or shader or whatever, exported to UE4 by the bridge, now it seems has some seams when editing the skeleton mesh, which was not shown in DAZ iray viewport.


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