Electric guitar transmitter

I'm fed up with morphing guitar cable and all these hours to bend, twist and side-side each bone of them.

A guitar transmitter would be a great improvement, don't you think?

Thanks in advance.



  • SevrinSevrin Posts: 5,405

    Eagle99's The Bass Guitar and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 comes with a transmitter attached to the strap.  Would probably be tricky to attach to other guitars, but still probably faster than dealing with cables.

  • BarzoffBarzoff Posts: 88

    Thank you Sevrin. I will give it a try.


    Nice render BTW.

  • SevrinSevrin Posts: 5,405

    No worries.  It started out like that, and ended up like this.

  • BarzoffBarzoff Posts: 88

    Well, it's a happy ending.yes

    Beautiful colors and effects!

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