i am starting to work with Hexagon to learn a bit about how to create items, clothing, etc myself. I started with something simple, bikini bottom, and ran across an odd result after I have added several rounds of mesh and then go to add thickness. See attachment. The default thickness comes in at 0.180 which looks really bad but the triangles reduce somewhat when reducing to a more reasonable 0.02 thickness.

I also went back to a previous save where the clothing item doesn't have as much mesh and while they are still there initially, when I reduce the thickness to .02 they are gone and the item looks usable.

Looking at the mesh, there aren't any triangle features present and to me, these areas don't look any different than other adjacent areas which do not exhibit the triangles.

If anyone has ideas as to why this happens I would appreciate the help. This item is just a learning tool but I would like to know what I did wrong so that I can avoid the issue going forward.




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  • I've had this, I think it's caused by pulling a face the wrong way (flipping the normals). If I remember correctly the way I got around it was to delete the faces and bridge the holes. Not sure if the "flip normals" tool will work, it should but I think I would have tried that ? 

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    Normals facing in different directions. Use the Orient Normals tool to align all normals.

  • Thanks for the help. I will try that and see how it goes.


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