[Released] Hal for Genesis 8 Male (commercial)

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He's Here Now!


The male counterpart for Bette is finished and about to drop!

Intoducing Hal!

I'm not going to spam all my promo images yet, so here are some that didn't make the cut, not because they're not the best things I've ever rendered, but because I didn't finish them in time, or I decided they were just a bit too dumb for actual promos


I decided the lighting on this one was a bit too distracting

Hal is so proud of himself that he hasn't noticed the hem of his shorts falling down - tragic

Barbarian Bette Kidnapping Nubile Sheperd Hal.

So dramatic.


Hal Spinning Wheeeeeeeee

Also I didn't realize it until after I made him, but he has the chin and facial structure of New York Ranger defenseman and future Norris Trophy winner Adam Fox

This isn't relevant and the number of peopke who care is probably just me, but I'm putting it out there

1500 x 1950 - 1019K
1600 x 2080 - 2M
1600 x 2080 - 1M
hal silly.jpg
1200 x 1560 - 888K
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    Some Promo Credits and Notes!


    Alright we have




    I adjusted the materials for the jacket upping the bump and roughness

    also that haze isn't postwork its a cube with volume (and lots of denoising otherwise it would have taken a week to render)



    All the boring renders showing off eye colors and stuff utilize



    and Matthew Hair again


    Here we have




    also the pose is right from



    the hair was made with the strand based hair editor


    real volumetric fog in this one as well - originally this was going to be the main promo, but I decided the lighting on the face didn't show it off quite well enough


    the companion to my favorite Bette promo!

    https://www.daz3d.com/winterblack-tower with stripped down textures





    https://www.daz3d.com/japanese-fishing-junk - lots of manual tweaking to update the textures for Iray


    This one was the 1st promo I finished - I don't think I had even finished tweaking the textures yet

    Q Suit again and Custom strand hair

    Scenery is https://www.daz3d.com/urban-future-5

    I think the influence on this one is pretty obvious :)



    Plus various PC stuff for scenery

    Curtains and hair were made by me (strand hair editor - seriously I will keep banging my drum that everyone should use it)


    This one also is a fairly blatant reference though probably a deeper cut - anyone who guesses right gets a cookie

    Definitely the render that took me the longest, but I had to. It was just too perfect :)


    Bette is wearing various Aeon Soul things

    Hal is wearing https://www.daz3d.com/galactic-smuggler-hd-8k-for-genesis-2-male-s

    the scenery is https://www.daz3d.com/sci-fi-reactor-corridor

    Why yes I did pose Hal in the boob butt pose, thank you for asking


    Various Aprilysh hairs

    gym wear again



    to make the shorts look less completely samey I tweaked the dforce settings on each Torment's remained pretty default, Silas' I had expand and Kwan's I had shrink



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  • HylasHylas Posts: 2,499

    Helloooooooooooooo why yes please blush

  • GlenWebbGlenWebb Posts: 608
    Yes, he looks soooo good. I really dig his face. Reminds me of Guy 7 just a little which I always thought looked terrific.
  • SevrinSevrin Posts: 5,473

    Will he open the pod bay doors tho?

  • j cadej cade Posts: 2,089

    Sevrin said:

    Will he open the pod bay doors tho?

    Definitely not. Have you seen some of those promos? He's absolutely useless :)

  • Worlds_EdgeWorlds_Edge Posts: 1,936

    Instabuy, thank you, he is lovely!

  • HylasHylas Posts: 2,499

    The mix with Kjaer is a total babe, too heart

  • Mark_e593e0a5Mark_e593e0a5 Posts: 917

    One of the best toonish characters I have seen. Someone that Girl 8 can fall in love with - finally heartlaugh

  • BomberBomber Posts: 102

    This is my favorite toon character I've seen in Daz. Very reminiscent of Overwatch/Fortnite's character design. Would love to see a female character that captures the same style. Bette is close, but oozes more Little Mermaid/90s Disney style than this dude does.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 16,429

    He looks fantastic. I am having a lot of fun with him. Thanks so much

  • wsterdanwsterdan Posts: 1,381

    Snapped him up instantly, thanks for an awesome male; I agree that Bette isn't quite the same style, but I think I'll grab her and see how she looks dialed back a bit. I find Hal works well with Toon Princess dialed back a little as well.

    Thanks again, if you're not too busy could you please make a few more Toon characters in this style? wink

    -- Walt Sterdan

  • Worlds_EdgeWorlds_Edge Posts: 1,936

    I'm loving Hal, and already loved Bette.  I too vote for more toon characters, if time and muse permit!

  • wsterdanwsterdan Posts: 1,381

    I did pick up Bette as well, and I found that if I dialed her head size back a few percetn she fit in fairly well.

    Hal, though truly rocks.

    Thanks again for some great toon characters, if you make them, I will buy them.

    -- Walt Sterdan

  • j cadej cade Posts: 2,089

    Both Hal and Bette were fairly d*sney based, but Bette was more influeced by older d*sney (and classic cartoons - the name is a hint for one reference) Whereas Hal was more modern cg d*sney. Probably because 2d d*sney men were more samey and the cg era has been more varied, but the opposite is true for the women: they all have the same exact face and are basically sticks with googly eyes - not a fan.


    The hardest part of Hal's design was getting him even close to matching. Bette has a soft button nose and basically no jaw line, But you stick those features on a male character and, it might be stylized, but it is not going to be as attractive (the button nose in particular. I sculpted a version with it and he immediately looked about 8 years old)


    (another thing that can help bette match more is turing down her giant eyelids. Which I love, but are objectively a complete stylistic departure)


    And I definiktely plan on making more toon characters they're fun!


    I also might make some freebie morphs for these two - as again toon morphs are  super fun to make - the 20+ jcms you need to make for a full character - distinctly less fun. theyre not even that hard, they just take time and are real boring.


    oh and attached is hal with a button nose and rounder features I dont mind the rounder features, but that nose.

    1551 x 918 - 1M
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    j cade said:


    And I definiktely plan on making more toon characters they're fun!


    I also might make some freebie morphs for these two - as again toon morphs are  super fun to make - the 20+ jcms you need to make for a full character - distinctly less fun. theyre not even that hard, they just take time and are real boring.


    oh and attached is hal with a button nose and rounder features I dont mind the rounder features, but that nose.

    Thanks for thinking about more toon characters, it makes my day!

    Thanks as well for the background info and choices to be made, I always appreciate behind-the-scenes peeks.

    As for Hal's button nose, it's a nice feature to add a second character to a group who looks younger, I'd pay for an add-on toon modification pack, especially if you added a few more shades of toon skins.

    -- Walt Sterdan


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  • Worlds_EdgeWorlds_Edge Posts: 1,936

    I would buy character morphs for the two figures in a heart beat.

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