Strange Problem when Extruding Faces - Hexagon 2.5 Tutorial

Hello! I'm new to modeling and 3D design. I decided to use Hexagon 2.5 for Daz 3D to import into Blender for my model making and rigging

I'm facing a problem with using the tutorial, tho, for Hexagon 2.5. Not only are blue arrows not appearing, but dragging the faces is terrible as well. Anyone know what's wrong in this video?



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    Some things to try, these suggestions are so you can see how things work in Hexagon. 

    Use the Universal Manipulator, the icon (top left) which looks like Saturn. Create a cube, select a face and while holding CTRL move the face out with the mouse. This option will allow you to exrude a face out, manipulate it and extude again.

    In the vertex modelling menu, third icon from the left (looks like a half buit pyramid), select that and see happens in the properties pane when you press the space bar. Give each option a try and see what each does. For now stick to Restricted or No DG.

    I'd also come out of transparacy mode (cube bottom right, second box over).

    Hopefully they are all still there, Danny of CG Dreams did a 26 step quick start quide - 

    There is a lot under Hez's hood and the above videos and the ones  GeekAtPlay (Youtube) will help a great deal. Also Max did some as-well, here's a link to box modelling but I would suggest you work your way through the videos from the start -

    Edit, had to go hunting for Gary Miller's tutorial, he's done quite a few here's one I thought you'd find useful -

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