Send to hexagon bridge?

Hi, so I have hexagon 2.5, and I installed its' contents from DIM, I also have DAZ Central 4.15. (Windows 10) (I have searched a lot, even on forums; I couldn't find anything useful)

I can see the send to daz on hexagon. My problem is, whenever I go to the customize tabs and try to add the hexagon bridge to the toolbars it doesn't work. (There is an icon to the left, with a box and an arrow going downwards towards the box..which I assume means that I don't have the hexagon bridge installed (even though I presumed that it came included with the hexagon)?)

I clicked on "send to daz" on hexagon but I couldn't find a way to import my project to hexagon or send a project from daz to hexagon, can someone please tell me what's wrong? Also, does anyone have a link to the bridge (if that is the solution to my problem)?

Thank you very much.



  • stem_athomestem_athome Posts: 517

    Have you set the location of Hexagon in the Daz bridges settings?

    Open DS:-> Edit:-> Preferences

    In the Preference window, on the top far right, you will see a "Bridges" tab, select that. There by default you will see a setting for "Hexagon" Location. Click the little icon "..." to search for Hexagon.exe. Once selected, the path will be entered into the bridge setting. Click on "Accept" to save the setting.

    To test. Just add a simple primitive (Create-> New Primitive). Once added, Select the primitive, and use "File-> Send to Hexagon" That should open Hexagon with the object dispayed.


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