How to manually importing Poser files to Daz

I have manually imported several Poser products to Daz.  All the products consist of a "Runtime" folder with all other subfolders inside.  I simply merged the Runtime folder with the Runtime folder in My Library.  The install path I used is: DAZ 3D > Studio > My Library > Runtime.  None of the products show up in Daz in under DAZ Studio Formats, Poser Formats, Products, or Categories even when I search for them.  I have tried the following:

1) Load appropriate Genesis figure to see if they magically show up -- doesn't work.

2) Checked the content directory manager and the path is listed correctly: DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    Which folders are listed as poser content directories in DS preferences?

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    It sounds like you have manually copy/cut pasted and merged the Poser folders, using the merge folders feature in Windows.  Most likely the Poser paths will be messed up, and you have created an unholy mess that it's best just to leave now and not try to untangle. If you can't even load a standard DAZ Genesis figure in DAZ, either, you may well have mangled the paths for that too.

    Ideally you don't ever merge a Poser runtime and a DAZ runtime, but rather point DAZ to the two seperate runtimes - by using the paths configuration settings in the Library manager.  You do not point to MyLibrary. 

    If the runtimes are pointed to correctly then DAZ will see your seperate Poser runtime, but on opening it in the DAZ Library pane it will only show the Poser items it 'knows' it can load.

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  • I load Poser stuff manually into a Poser runtime I call Poser DS, That runtime gets linked to DAZ Studio like Martirlla said.  If I'm being lazy I'll open Poser Pro 2014 and use the "Install from ZIP archive" tab in the old Content Paradise Tab.  Just click that button, pick your ZIP file and the destination runtime and you're off and running. 

  • I appologize for my late reply, but I am new to Daz and though I would receive a notice when someone replied to my post.  Thank you all for your help!  I have the problem in hand now.

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    You need to bookmark the thread to get notifications. You do that by clicking on the star next to the title of the thread.

  • Thanks again!

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