Soften Equivalent?


I pretty much constantly use the Soften tool in the UV section to adjust the geometry of clothing to characters whose forms aren't quite what the clothing maker expected.  (Larger and smaller chests, most often, but small tweaks all over the various clothings help.)  I used Hexagon's 'soften' tool for that.  I hate to give up on Hexagon, because it's the easiest thing to use with DAZ Studio, but it doesn't run on my Catalina Mac, and I'm VERY confident it won't run if I upgrade to Big Sur.

So the real question I desperately need an answer to is...

What other package has an equivalent to the 'soften' mechanism.  I can't QUITE figure out how it works; it seems to adjust the vertices according to...maybe the distance between UV vertices and how crumpled they are comparatively?  I really don't know, and what I also don't know is if any other modeling software has that same feature, or what it would be called in those tools.

Can anyone who's used that feature tell me if there's anything else that does it?  I know I won't be able to use the bridge, but I'd really like the underlying capability.

--  Morgan


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