Bryce content for Mac

I was finally able to open Bryce for Mac in "Crossover". I have purchased a lot of content and would purchase more if I could get it into Bryce under Crossover for use. The installer does not seem to be working, but it might be because it has the wrong path to the Crossover version.

Can anyone help me with this?


  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,170

    vindazi - what do you mean by "installer". Do not use any Daz installer like DIM or whatever. Download Bryce assets maunally (the zip file(s)) and save it/them to a temporary folder, than un-zip the set, using the retain folder structure option or whatever it is called. Then you get the parts in the folders. There is usually a ReadMe file and often a PDF that explains exactly where the stuff has to be copied to. You can also download the PDF: (Bryce Content FAQ: Where does Bryce content belong to? Where is Bryce installed, where the additional files and those which were purchased additionally? These questions appear in the forums again and again. This document answers these questions for the Mac and Win PC. 11 pages (692 KB).)

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