Why must be this so complex ?

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Last year I changed my PC to a new Ryzen 7 + Asus Turbo GTX-1060 6Gb + 32Bg RAM + Windows 10 64

Hexagon was running ok ( you know.. from time to time a crash but letting work ).

As side note of something interesting: A curious thing in Win 7 and Win 10, was that if you had Hexagon crashes clicking on an object, or as example you had holes in an onject making impossible to sculpe this, you always can select all objects and save a an OBJ file. Later, you load the file, and there are not problems. Not crashes and sculpe the object. Nice !!

Now without know why, a HXN draw that was saved / exported to OBJ without problems in the past, is crashing Hexagon ALWAYS that I try to save / export as OBJ file.

I tried to download the new Beta but DIM and DAZ Central always install the public Including a new purchase of the new beta that didn't change the list of updates in DIM and Central. Always download the same.

Anyone knows if some update in Win 10, or other can cause this so many repeated ? ( Of course from time to time continues crashing by other reassons )

Is a Windows error. Not an Hexagon error. First was "Windows detect a problem and the porogram will be closed..." but in lasts only is closed without any warning.


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  • I'm running I prefer to use DIM rather than Central.

    I did have a crash last night, but I was trying to do something stupid, HEX did display an error but as I knew what I did wrong (and I'd only saved a few minutes earlier) I did not bother to read it.

    You can also try installing it manually, I normally go down that road when things play me up. Don't forget to turn off Local Redraw and raise your Undos.

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    Thank you John.

    I will try to put off the local redraw. But seems something deeper. I never changed the parameters, because reset them usually solves a repeated crash. I will try as you say.


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    Ok, hit me: what is local redraw, again?

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    Roman, Danny did a quick start tutorial way back, this is the one where he gives a brief discription of the Preference menu - 


    local redraw.jpg
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    No. Not was the local redraw or the undo.

    I am at the same situation that years ago with Windows 7. In that moment there was a very long time problem with a DLL that is happening again. It's impossible to work.

    Is certain that deleting faces from the objects you can arrive to a moment in what ( only for that object ) let's you work. I am speaking about remove all faces letting only as a plane. laugh

    I have to "disociate" each part line by line before delete it from the main object or the crash happens. WIth the hope that rebuilding it again, will be right. But is impossible that as I said a lot of objects well worked months ago, give so many problems now. More than 30 crashes yesterday. Was a question of who can more. Hexagon or me. Yesterday I win, but the objetive is to work. And is imposible this all days.

    You can see the DLL in the Windows problems viewer in the attached image. The MSVCR90.DLL

    I begin to search other program to work. And I sorry very much. I like very much to work whit Hexagon. I have made a lot of work with him. It's easy and direct to work. But I need to work. Not to fight.


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    Thanks John - I must have missed those although I thought I got 'em all <grin>.

    As to JavP's problem, indeed I see his issues go back several years; searching for DAZ OR DAZ3D OR DAZ-3D OR Hexagon "MSVCR90.DLL" yields 1,900 hits in Google, with this one on top of the list: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/3485/this-program-uses-unicode-and-requires-nt-2000-xp

    Oh yeah, add me to the list of past unhappy "Vista" users heh. And to this day the darned computer refuses to play Blu-Ray discs! Arrrgh. Also, for me a Radeon video card was a historic problem with Windows XP. Of course I only had one video card for my limited testing. But in general I still have one Windows 7 machine running 24/7 with no issues in Hexagon, and a couple more on the back burner - not working 24/7, usually because of drive upgrades-in-progress.

    I can't really say the same about Hexagon and Windows 10, I don't think.

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  • Need special DVD player, special viewing software [or plugin for existing software], and again special recording software [or plugin for existing software] for blueray [last time I ever gave the matter any attention].

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    Yeah, writeable Blu-Ray drives. Not sure if they ever caught on but the Blu-Ray HD (4k?) stuff seems accepted for ROM playback - lots of titles in the stores although I would prefer it if Amazon listed the contents better, on-line. Ergo Blu-Ray = higher capacity so more room for extra features/outtakes/deleted scenes but I see Amazon showing just the cover of the box.

    In my case the maker of the software bailed about ten years ago and DRM (in the form of an "ACMS", whatever that is) is inherent to the format. IIRC Corel took it on, but try buying something from those guys. sad "World Class Nagware and SPAM 'r Us" - that's Corel nowawadays IMO.

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    While I am learning Blender I found the cause. DECIMATE.

    If I have a holed block, or only a surface but very plain, and very clean of lines. As example, a plain surface with a circle into. And without lines conecting the circle with the exterior part.

    At the moment o save or export to OBJ the program crash. Testing a lot of other options, what has solved the problem was to decimate.

    A block holed very simple. Without points that could reveal collisions or problems, at the moment of touch a pair of times activating this object. Or only touching 1 time with the SURFACE option, the program crash.

    Sollution. Touch only 1 time as object to activate it, and inmediatly activate the DECIMATE to increase the surfaces partition. Then you can touch it, save and export without problems.

    Errors. Sometimes MSCRV90.dll, others KernelAmapi.dll.

    Is an attention of a very angry user for no one solution from DAZ.


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