Modeling a Carafe with Hexagon

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Hello dear Hexagon friends,

I have a question.

In the Carafe tutorial by Thomas Roussel, this setting is shown in the video at Hexagon.

How do I get this attitude I'm using Hexagon


Can someone help me with this?

Would be nice.

Many greetings



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  • Your link is not working, is this the video you mean -

    First of all I do not speak French so I will have to go by what he is doing rather than saying, so hopefully I can answer your question. How far into the video have you got ?

    Thomas is using a very early version of Hexagon so the tools he is using will be in a different place, but we'll get there laugh

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    Hello Wee Dangerous John,

    yes I meant the video

    I now found the setting option by chance (I'm a complete beginner).

    First create a circle, Accept

    click on circle with mouse, right mouse button

    Choose Advanced Selection

    Then on Select "1 over n"

    Here on the right 1 over make the subdivision in this case 2

    The next steps by video.

    I once made a caraffe

    Thank you for your help

    I also wanted to thank Ascania for pointing this out

    I've attached my result


    Many greetings



    800 x 600 - 211K
    Karaffe oben.png
    800 x 600 - 467K
  • Glad you got things to work (nice piece of model) Alf. Here's a series of videos by Daniel (CG Dreams) which will show you what all the tools do, there are 26 of them, they are not very long but will help you a great deal.

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    Hello Wee Dangerous John,

    Thanks for the link.

    The small units in the videos make it easier for me to get through than hours of videos.

    Since I rely on Google to translate, it is for me to see and not to hear what helps me.

    And I can understand that so well in the videos.

    Many greetings


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