Hey guys (guys is a midwestern USA phrase)

So, I've been missing in actions FOREVER.  I think about you all, all the time....I do.  I feel like a turncoat.  I came in and posted then I disappeared.

Well, that was because hubby retired and he's someone who has to keep busy and he gets bored easily.  We've been cleaning out the house because we have so much stuff.

You don't don't how much you have until you take inventory and we had way more than we'd ever need.  Had 4 days of garage sales and made $800...cool.

My story is that I had breast cancer and radiation December of 2019.  My mother died (we think of Covid) on March 22, 2020.  My elder brother was diagnosed with brain stem glioma a month later.  In early 2021 he had a stroke and decided to stop his Chemo because quality of life was not good.  He dies shortly thereafter.  My sister was then diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in the right breast.  An MRI showed a stage two in the left breast as well and she had a double lumpectomy (sp).  Just not a good year for us.  My sister also was in the process of moving so we spent many weekends moving her stuff (SO MUCH STUFF...ugh).

Just wanted to check in and say that I hope you are all well.  I do think of you all all the time.  Hugs to you and best wishes always.


  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,235

    Hi NGartplay,

    Yes, we missed you. But what a lot of things you had to deal with. Not a good year is quite an understatement. Hope your situation is not deteriorating and you start to have a more quiet period. I wish you lots of strength and good friends and family to support you and each other.

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    Hi NGartplay, it's so cool of you to check in despite your circumstances. I agree with Hansmar, we do miss you, hope things get better for you and your family, and we see more of you in the near future. Take Care


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  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,264

    NGartplay - good to see you back, much less good what is happening around you. I am very sorry to hear what you and your beloved ones have to go through. I wish all of you that things start and continue to get better and better.

  • Yellow PenYellow Pen Posts: 648

    NGartplay - welcome back here. It's hard whats happening around you, yes... I wish you healthy and that things gets better to you.


  • adbcadbc Posts: 1,929

    NGartplay : sorry to hear about all the bad stuff happening to you. I sincerely wish everything gets better soon. 

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 1,831

    I think of you all, all the time.  Sorry that I haven't been around.  I'm just not inspired to create anything.  I play computer games, bicycle with Brian (my husband) and try to lighten the load of 'stuff' in our house.  We had 4 days of garage sales with our neighbor and we made $800.  Wowzers, didn't expect that when everything was $1 to $5.  Added up.  I used to paint with watercolor and acryllics  but now I'm going through all my 'stuff' and I want to get rid of paintings, watercolor paper, drafting equipment, frames and mats...oh, and paints.  Thought that I might reach out to Nextdoor.com and see if anyone wants to join me for a sale. 

    I'm thinking that we may sell our house and build a new one or buy something that is newer.  It's been 35 years in this little, old house.  We can afford it, so why not? 

    I have looked at what everyone is producing in art.  As always, I'm so impressed by the quality.  I hope that Brcyers keep showing the world what you have.

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