Render report time is confusing

Hello, i am wondering what is the time shown at the bottom left of the interface? Is it the time prediction for rendering ? If so, it seems far from matching the time in the render report. Also when i tried to triple the resolution, it took 4 hours to complete but the render report only showed 1 hour something. Am i missing something or i just read it all wrong ? Thank in advance heart

3573 x 1885 - 784K


  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,264

    Theob - Below at left it shows small the already used time and big the estimated remaining time. This is the estimated render time without Anti Aliasing. If you render regular, the AA-pass may be a fraction - or 10 times - the render time. Difficult to predict. Do not forget to set the Priority (lowest down arrow at left): Low is 1 CPU core, Normal is half of the available Cores (or threads) max 8, High uses all cores/threads max 8.

  • TheobTheob Posts: 9

    Thank you Horo. So supposedly, the time is close to accurate only in default quality mode, is it not ? A little more about the canvas size, i could not find any proper potrait size that fits the screen. Do i have to create it myself and set it as default for the next time ? 

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,609

    Theob - maybe this video will help you set up a default scene


  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,264

    Theob - good tip by mermaid, well worth to spend 10 minutes. Quick answer for the document setup: File > Document Setup.
    Render time estimate: in the Render Options, if you use Premium instead of Regular, the render time estimation is more accurate. You can set the Rays per pixel (rpp) from 4 to 256. The higher, the longer the render. If you test with 4, you can multiply the render time for 16 rpp by 4: 16/4=4 so the render time will be 4 times longer. This works for the whole range.

  • TheobTheob Posts: 9

    Thank you Mermaid and  Horo ! I will do that 

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