Batch scripting / silent non interactive mode?

I have a batch converter script, if it loads anything with any kind of warning / error, it's done. Is there a silent/non interactive mode? or anyway to default or bypass this?

Thoughts so far:

  1. Intercept the popup? Can't find any documentation, I'm guessing not.
  2. Spawn a few threads so at least some could finish (probably not since this is basically javascript, maybe the c++ sdk? Sounds like it's old / outdated?)
  3. Any kind of timer (I know thread) or callback I could tie into?
  4. Any options / preferences / settings to default the answers and not spawn popups?

As a Last resort, I suppose I could write a log file for every load and have an external process monitor it, and kill / restart / skip the last entry as needed, but I really hope this is not the only option?


  • Are you working within a try catch block? It wouldn't prevent the popup, but you should be able to continue on with the next item after the user acknowledges the issue.

    There is DzMainWindow::clearUIPopUp() which might be relevant, though I suspect not.

    As to your last resort method, this comment may be relevant for not having DS pop up over and over again, although I have not seen any further details on usage.

  • I'm not using a try catch, but the user interaction is actually what I'm trying to avoid, so that wouldn't help. And I can't all clearUIPopUp, because I no longer have contol once the popup is there. But your last suggestion seems promising, if I can figure out how to run DzCore and have it load a script

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