interesting display, in Hex Gallery thread, of reference "planes" for symmetrical models

I liked the way "A3DLover" included partially intersecting reference planes in his Hexagon workspace, to help make a spaceship that was symmetrical along at least one axis. This per his screenshots in the Hex Gallery thread here.

It's probably a minor, common technique for experienced modellers, but I don't think I have seen it done before... I know that personally I tend to move my geometry builds really close to one of the reference grids; anyway, cool.

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  • Oh yes I've done things like that too. Both methods have value.

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  • Gary explained how to make your own reference images way way back, here is a link to the first of three videos on making a car -

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    I was just going to upload a test attachment.

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  • Nothing bad? All is well :-) 

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    Actually i have used a similar process for building "Joan of Arc" from 3Dtotal some years ago.

    Great project and a project all Hexagon users should try. This will teach you a lot about Hexagon and character building.

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    Ok... so they used 3DS Studio for their figure, and you proceeded on the same path, with Hexagon?

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    There is nothing in that that requires 3ds max to work and couldn't be replicated in another modeling environment, including Hexagon.

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