Animate2 Pane scripts


If you save an AniBlock, it'll also generate a Daz Script file, with the single line of Code:


Is there a list of exposed endpoints for the Animate2 pane, like the above "addBlock"? For now I'm looking to remove an AniBlock, but the wild guesses of "removeBlock()" or "deleteBlock()" don't seem to work.

This forum post from 2 years ago inidicates that plug-ins have hit or miss support for scripting; hopefully as Animate2 is one of the more popular plug-ins someone will be able to shed some light.



  • There is another Animate forum thread here, with some scripts and information.

  • Thanks! Although looks like there's no endpoints that'll help what I'm doing; doDelete() doesn't seem to do anything. Seems like that's pretty common with aniMate and scripting. For now I'll just reload the entire scene to get rid of the aniBlock. It'll take longer but at least it's documented and support. Thanks again!

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