Export obj weld vertices even if I didn't checked in ....

I tried to export object, where some polygons were dissociate. I didn't checked the "merge equal points" or anything ... but when I open the object, those vertices are welded :(

In the import -export settings I didn't checked the merge points ....
Any solution? Other than create separate "groups", because I need to split many polygons separately to keep them as hard surface in daz studio. But now those are smoothed .. and it would be too many work to select edges and set smooth weight manually in daz studio.


  • I think you want the Shading Domains option in Hexagon. Not really sure, if it is Shading Domains is not the soution can you please post a screen grab of what is wrong and what you are trying to make. 

    Oh, I just checked, you can turn off smothing in DAZ Studio, create a cylinder (12 sides), then in the Iray Surface Tab Scroll down to the bottom where you will find UV Set - Smoothing, turn it off.

    Only guesses.

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