Compound JCM's

Hi All

I'm trying to hook up a JCM that should ONLY be applied when the joint is bent around two different axis'

So from the images below the JCM is applied to the right thigh and the need is to have this applied gradually (scalar) when the thigh is bent as follows:

X Rotate (Bend) -90   &   Z Rotate (Side-Side) 20   The respective scalar values are -.011111 & .05

I've tried following a tutorial I found by Josh Darling on Youtube and have created two new control properties... but it's a little light and about 5 years old.  

Does anyone know where to find or can explain how to make this work... either with Property Hierarchy or ERC Freeze or some other method?


2304 x 960 - 77K
2304 x 960 - 79K
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  • You can possibly use the Attenuate option in ERC Freeze, but you essentially want one of those to multiply the other - it sounds as if you are adding them separately. So one in the regular add, one in mutliply 9under second stage) and adjust the scalar for the first to give the correct value when theya re at the target values.

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