How to control a morph/erc freeze to multiple limbs?

For a custom clothing with pJCMs - the left and right collar bending up trigger a morph for each side - but when both are raised, I need that to trigger a new morph while canceling the other two morphs. 

I am attempting to do so via the property hiearchy - I added the left collar morph as a delta subtract on the right collars morph, raising the second arm cancels out the other side - but when i try and do the inverse on the other collar, it says link already exists.

So two problems, #1 Getting two morphs to both cancel eachother out, and #2 ERC freezing a new morph (for both collars raised) to two different joints rotation.


  • It might work better to leave the two side morphs alone and make the third morph add on top of them, then control that by the product of the two side morphs - so if MorphL was at 100% and MorphR was at 50%, MorphLR would be at 50% (100% * 50%).

  • margravemargrave Posts: 1,822

    To avoid circular dependencies, you need to create other properties that control the morphs and use those properties as ERC variables. Create a property that uses DeltaAdd to scan the bone rotations, then use that as an ERC Add for the morph you want to dial in and an ERC Subtract for the morph that should be cancelled out when both are dialed in.

    Though I agree with Richard that creating a third morph is probably a better option.

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