Lines at seams after LIE application

Hello there! I've been using (and quite enjoying the look of) Body Wounds HD Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) (Body Wounds HD Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) | Daz 3D) by Esid and FenixPhoenix. It's great fun to make dramatic moments where characters might be injured and have a dramatic life or death moment. However, I've noticed that applying the LIE wounds creates lines at texture seams--see the attached photos for an example. The wound has been applied to the torso in this case and we're seeing her shoulder. This example is being shown on Alidreaux for Genesis 8 Female | Daz 3D, but I've tested this on other figures with a variety of skins and gotten the same issue.  Does anyone know what is causing this, and what I could do to fix it? I haven't been able to find any differences in the surfaces. Granted, it's pretty subtle, but it still bugs me that it's there. 


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556 x 417 - 259K


  • Hmmmm the only times I've seen that was when I'd used the Texture Optimizer program to reduce the size of the base characters texture, or when I'd made a small tweak to a figures skin with Skin Builder before applying the shell.

    Looking at your second image closely it looks like the resolution of the skin details on the torso is slighty different than the arm's, appears rogher and less reflective. Not sure what's causing it but something definitely has changed between the two material zones.

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    Hi @notenoughtime, thank you for purchasing our products. We tried to account for how most PAs and DAZ Original Characters set their maps, but some PAs may choose different map placement which can cause issues with our products. The first thing I would suggest is to take  a look at the surfaces. Most probably, you'll our LIE applied a PNG to a translucency channel (check the channels "Glossy Reflectivity" and "Dual Lobe Specular Reflectivity"). If you see a map that looks like it has transparency to it, then simply remove it and that should get rid of the problem. Most probably, the character you're applying the LIE to has the spec maps set to another channel which wasn't accounted for when creating our product.

    PS: Also check if the character you're applying this to has normal maps set up. If not, you will need to apply the empty normal map first.

    Let me know if that fixes the issue.

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  • I found an image in the Dual Lobe Specular Reflectivity, and removing it fixed the differences between textures. Thank you @FenixPhoenix !  

  • I am glad that resolved the issue! Again, thank you for your support :).
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