How to import a room with multiple prop


How to import a room with multiple prop with the correct location of the prop, when i try import the room, i always have to place all the prop manually by myself, but in daz they are already placed.

i tried import as environment, and static mesh( didnt work)


Thank you!


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    if it's not parented in place you're pretty much stuffed, I have whined about this a lot exporting to other softwares 

    it stuffs up the results for tools like Instancify and Alienator too.

  • You should send them over as environment.  I've made some fixes recently to that method, so you might want to try an update if the scene you're using isn't working.  Here's how to update from my github

    If the problem is that your props aren't parented to the scene, you can make a group node and drag everything under that, then export the group node as an environment.

  • Hello David,

    even if you download your latest plugin version it will not work,


    this how it looks like in daz ,  

    i am using this: Family Friendly Room | Daz 3D


    but when you export with the plugin, even if you make sure to choose environment, all props will be imported separately, and you have to manually place them by yourself which is impossible in this case.

  • It should import them separately, then place them all in your current level.  I'll give that asset a try.

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    note I said parented in place 

    an old thread about the issue by me

    parenting in D|S takes two forms, in place or send to

    the latter the prop can be literally anywhere in the scene but you send it to the spot you parent it to, if you unparent it, it flies back to where it was.


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    Any update regarding this issue? 

    because not only the family friendly room are not parented in place in UNREAL, but literally almost every environment with a group node.

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  • I have noticed when it's like this for exemple:

    it work 100% good and perfect, but when it's a node/group it will not work.

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    There is a bug where the parenting doesn't all carry over.  I'm going to look into that soon.  However, that scene does work for me with the latest version of the plugin.

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  • Hello David!


    I would like to thank you, all has been fixed, however there is a new error that the new update make.

    let's say i want import my mesh like this ( with the eyes move location )

    the plugin will not import them in the correct location. but will keep the original position of the eye.

    this is just an exemple.


    ( didn't have this error before you update the plugin)

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