How to reflect the roughness texture


I created a roughness texture but it wasn't reflected in daz studio.

I thought I could reflect the roughness by specifying a roughness texture for the diffuse roughness in daz studio and increasing the parameters, but it didn't work at all.

Please tell me what is wrong.

Thank you.

roughness texture.png
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  • felisfelis Posts: 1,411

    Try to add it to glossy roughness too.

  • hi, felis

    I added glossy roughness, but I couldn't express the roughness.
    Do glossy roughness textures have to be specially prepared?

    thank you.

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  • felisfelis Posts: 1,411

    Any image should work, although the requirement is black-white.

    What is the effect you try to obtain - something reflective?

  • I want to express dirt with roughness.
    In the texture, the dirt is expressed by the white part, but I think that it is not reflected well.

    Thank you.

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