Does not memorize the position of the bones correctly

As in the picture, I tried to make the bones remember and locate this position. But it was unsuccessful.


This model is similar to the antennae of insects. After binding to the character, there is some deformation, and then I repaired its deformation through zbrush. Hope this can give you some help.


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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 80,539
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    Did you memorise the rigging when it was correctly placed relative to the base shape? You memorise the rigging with the base shape, apply the morph, and issue the Adjust Rigging to Shape command - DS tries to make the adjustment so that the bones have the same relationship to the morphed shape as they did to the base shape.

    If you want to have the shape as it is now it might be better to use Edit>Figure>Geometry>Update Base Geometry, selecting the OBJ version of the shape you made in ZBrush.

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