Hexagon 64bit for Mac????

I just tried to update Hexagon as my older version is 32bit - I need 64bit. The beta version is available but I cannot install as it's an unknown developer. I tried clearing it through system pref/ security settings but no success. I'm guessing it's the "beta" which is the issue(?) Although looking into this further it seems development of Hexagon has stalled. Possibly a dying horse? Shame. 

Anyone have an update?

I'm trying to save a character as a morph & the only (successful) way I know is via Hexagon.


  • Where are you seeing a Mac 64bit version? All I see on the beta are Win 32bit and 64bit, and Mac 32bit.

  • Yes - well done. You spotted I made a mistake. However the question remains the same: Does anyone have an update, on the development or future of Hexagon?

    I'm guessing not. Thanks

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    The latest version is, I did ask a while back and got feedback that they have no plans for Hexagon at the moment, they might have a look at it again but they're working on DAZ Studio. They've just released DS so like everyone else I have my fingers crossed.



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  • Don't delete the attachment - it's what the inline image is pointing to.

  • Sorry Richard, something went wrong and I had a double post, I must have messed up somewhere.

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