Orestes sky dome, Milky Way, very blurry when rendered

Using Orestes skydome, Milky Way, the stars are blurry and instead of points of light they are streaked as if being photographed while moving. Is there some setting I'm not adjusting correctly? 


  • Is Depth of Field on for your camera? What is its Focal length, and how large is the render?

  • Depth of field is off, focal length is 65 and render size is 6250 x 10000. 

    I turned depth of field on, then started playing with the focal length and low and behold, things came into focus. Thank you so much, I'm slowly learning.

  • I thought having Depth of Field "on" is suppose to make objects/areas blurry that are outside of the DoF range?

  • I think it would be the focal,elngth that helped  - it controls how wide the field of view is, 65 isn't exactly narrow but it isn't all that wide; the angle cotnrols how much of the HDR is available to cover the background, the narrower the field the more the HDR will be stretched - in this case I think each HDR pixel was being stretched over severl pixels in the original render.

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