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Hi, I have been using Daz in my pipeline as a hobbyist for a while now, but had to uninstall and reinstall as I wasn't able to find my custom morphs anymore in the shaping tab.

As I installed it, I had to close and relaunch Daz central dozens of times until I could get to 100%. Then, same thing for the different Genesis base bundles. Now that Genesis 2 and 8 are installed, waiting for the rest, a pop up tells me that the file doesn't exists when I open the base Gen 2F model. I then have to drag and drop the duf for it to work, while Gen 8 opens normally. Once I'm there, I can't find my custom morphs anyway. I have to admit that I don't even know where to look to begin fixing all this, so I am hoping you will accept to help me.

Thanks for your time,

A fellow Daz enthusiast

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    Hi, since yesterday I was able to install it properly doing it without using Daz Central.

    Unfortunately, I still can't access most of my content. If I add a model manually, (I drop data, people, runtime, documentation,... in My Library), only an empty documentation folder appears when I hit refresh in Daz.

    These tests were made with G2F on v4.16, windows. Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Check that the Content Directory Manager has the locations mapped.  Can direct D/S to search for locations too.

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    Hi Catherine,

    Thanks a lot for answering. I believe the path is ok for everything is working with my G3-G8 content. When I use G2 though, models will , most of the time, either not load or load in a bad way (most of the body crushed into the base point of the gizmo). Then most of my G2 morphs won't appear at all in the shaping tab. I even tried loading a morphed G2F.obj to try transferring it on a base G2F.obj, it's name was showing, but it was invisible except for it's gizmo.

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    Ps: When loading a morphed G2 object through Morph loader pro, geommetry doesn't match. I can't find any workaround to be able to use G2, yet.

  • When any figure is "invisible except for it's gizmo" - there is no geometry present.

    Make sure one is not trying to morph using geografts or instances or geoshells.

    Might be a good idea to reinstall the entire Genesis 2 package, manually if need be, from your Product Library. Also any of the G2 characters that are not loading correctly.

    When exporting a morphed .obj - make sure NOTHING else is either present or is hidden in the scene. Base resolution, NO geografts. ONLY the morphed .obj [no HD morphs]. NO groups. I would suggest using the D/S size for export/import.

    Then zero out the morphs in the figure and bring back in the morphed .obj to make the morph. Unique name is a must.

    Then one can adjust the rigging to the mesh, apply ERC Freeze, save morph.


    If any of the concerned missing content is third party, with D/S closed, check that the folders are all in the correct place. There is only "one" data folder for example under "My Library" - only one "People" folder under My Library, etc. Some refer to the "My Library" as "Content" -- consider that an interchangable word. The Content folder should not be nested under My Library, nor should My Library be nested under Content. Whichever term is being used on your computer, stick with it, moving any nested folders to their proper places.


    If after all or any of this you still can't load G2 properly, then kindly provide some images of what you're selecting from in D/S, etc. so maybe somebody can provide you with some more guidance ;-)



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    Hi again,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed how to! I'm now at a point where I reinstalled manually, checked my folders, checked the paths provided to both Daz studio and central, understood that the issue with the obj might come from how I exported it in other apps.

    What remains is the lack of morphs showing in the shaping tab. Say, if I load a G2 character and it shows correctly to the eye and doesn't ask to repair any errors, I still can't see the applied morphs in the shaping tab. Nor checking every tab, neither in the currently used tab. In the currently used tab, not one morph is present while the character is effectively loaded and selected. This might be why I can't see the .dsf I'm trying to use after I put it in the correct folder. If that isn't enough information, I'll try to recreate the situation with some free asset I'll find and post screenshots that would eventually be needed.

    Anyway, I am very grateful for those answers,


  • Check the Parameters pane if in doubt - that shows everything while the others are filtered by type (and so will miss things that have the wrong type set). Aklso note that Currently Used shows only those properties with non-default values (I thought at one stage they changed it to show all non-zero) so it won't show a property with a memorised non-zero value.

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    Holy something, that was it. Thanks a lot!

    Learning something new every day haha.

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