How to make the seam invisible

Hello. Please tell me, is it possible to somehow combine this mask so that the seam in the middle is not visible? What can be done? I only use Daz3D and Photoshop. It was possible to do this on the final render in Photoshop, but there is a texture that will not look nice. Thank you for your help


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  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 11,115

    It comes down to how the mask is UVmapped which can't be fized in DS or phoroshop. You will need a modeling app or mapping app.

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 11,993

    Why someone would put the seam on the front is beyond me. It should be in the back or side. It looks like it was unwrapped, flattened and stopped there instead of basically squaring it off so it looks like a square plane. Instead they left out that last step and left it at the flattened stage so it has rounded edges. When you are using a textured resource it almost always has to be squared off so you get the proper flow in the geometry and invisible seams. Your either going to need to remap it or use a 3D painting app to retexture it. Only other option is to use a simple flood fill color and create a normal map to give the illusion that it's a textured surface.

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