Translation tools, ie how to move a object in relation to another

I may be missing the obvious, but I'm new to hex and have been trying for days to build a model for 3d printing. Got it posed and set up in studio and imported to Hexagon. Now I have a buckle not attached to the armor and while I finally figured out how to selected all of it, now I can't figure out how to move it in relation to the main figure. Spent hours surfing and reading tutorials and not being able to find out how to access the movement tools


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    If this does not help please post a screen grab of what you are trying to do. 

    Hopefully this helps, you have 2 ways of moving things (there are a couple more tools but the Universal manipulator is an all-rounder), here's a screen grab of where they are.

    Edit - Just spotted you are new to the forums, you have to click on the thumbnail below to open up the original image.

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    You can either select both items in the scene tree, and that will allow you to use the selector on both items at once, or you can go into utilities and group the items you want to move together, then select the group and move that.

    Picture 1 is the current project I'm working on.  I have three objects and a group visible.

    Picture 3 shows all the individual objects I've grouped together.  the arros show where to go to group them.

    In Picture 2, I selected the beams, the shell, and the door, and I can move them away from the lights in a single move.

    In Picture 4, I select the group of items making up the lights, and I can move them away from the rest of the project.


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