Can't Install on Mac?

I'm only really interested in trying Haxagon.
To my dismay, I had to download a host of other things: DazCentral (which freezes constantly), DazStudio, two "helper" apps with unknown purpose, just to never get prompted to finally get hexagon.

I go to apps in central, and there's no install button for hexagon. Web searches tell me to click the green install button (that's not there). Some posts suggest to do a manual install, but I don't see that anywhere either. Compatibility information is contradictory (and 5 years out of date anyway)

This has been pretty fustrating.

I have a 2021 MacBook M1 Max: Is Hexagon compatable or not? If so, how do I install it?

Ok, I found more while typing this, but I've come this far, so I may as well finish the rant.
I found what looked like a Manual Install link but that turned out to be unclickable, instead I was apparently supposed to just know the real link was the cryptically labeled DIM text. Another app to download. Yay. I find Hexagon there, and the install fails just the once, but not before forgetting my prefered install location. Only to find out that it still will not open, apparently being out of date, and apparently not able to run under Rosetta.

One system requirements page is from 2017, another says Hexagon is unstable under Intel chipsets - but I'm guessing that's a typo (or even more out of date) and wasn't intended to mean apple silicon is prefered.

And because it doesn't seem to be explicitly stated anywhere - for anyone else finding this: Hexagon appears to not be compatable with M1


  • Daz Central can be iffy on M1/Big Sur - people report that Install Manager is more reliable (and configurable, but it will pick up the existign settings)

    The helper is what handles application installs (and other installs that require elevated privileges).

    You should, at least with Install Manager, be able to uncheck the option to install the compleet bundle of applications and content, and then just install what you want.

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    I get no Install button on the Daz Central Hexagon screen. It should be above “Version Details,” according to Daz Help Center.

    iMac, macOS 10.15.7 (19H1824)
    Thanks in advance for any help/info.



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    Daz says that Hexagon works on "Mac OS X 10.2 - Mac OS X 10.15," and that "Hexagon does not currently work on Mac Catalina," which is OS version 10.15. 


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  • Daz Central seems to be a bit fussier about MacOS versions, it may be worth trying Install Manager instead (though I thought this generally affected Big Sur or later)

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    The release version of Hexagon is a 32-bit application (or contains important 32-bit parts). This makes it incompatible with Catalina (OS X 10.15) or later. Because the M1 Macs require a newer OS (I think Monterey is required), you won't be able to run Hexagon on an M1 Mac.

    I looked at the beta release notes in the Hexagon forum, and it looks as if the 64-bit Hexagon for Mac is "Not yet available - still under development".

    If you have Parallels or a similar software emulator, and a Windows license, you might be able to run the Windows version of Hexagon under emulation.


  • I'm running Monterey (MacOS 12.4) There is no "Green Install button" for Hexagon 2.5. I used Daz Central which usually works well for other things.


  • Wont allow installation of the install manager either. Monterey

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