Request for search ability in itemized order history

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I know this is more of a site suggestion than a product suggestion, but I wasn't sure where to put it. I've had to re-install my entire library onto my new computer, and I've been going back through my Itmeized order history to reset the downloads I want - and it's REALLY bugging me because I can't search for the products I want, and I can't remember all their names so an alphabetical list doesn't help. I don't want all the stuff I had installed for V3 anymore (well, some of it I do, but that's not the point!) I want to be able to search for all the stuff I bought that's tagged 'for genesis' - and I cant'. Forgive me, but 117 pages of products is hell to search through for one item I'm after!! PLEASE install a search feature and save my sanity?


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    Go get Taozen's Daz History Manager and save your sanity!

    Thanks Taozen!!

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    Thank you!! You are a lifesaver!

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    I just got aware of the following: The DAZ Order History is no longer taken into account when purchasing new products ! In former times, one was told that one has purchased a product before, if one put it again into the shopping cart ... Also, there seem to be no product codes anymore ...

    So yes: I just downloaded and ran Taozen's Daz History Manager; and it already has had its "Feuertaufe": Having put Noggin's Ostrich into the shopping cart, the program told me that I had purchased that Ostrich years ago; this is indeed a life saving or money saving, respectively, functionality to have ! Thanks a bunch, Lindsey, for poiting us to this useful program ! And of course: Many Thanks to Taozen, the creator of this program, too !

    One question which immediately comes to mind: There are other marketplaces for 3D content out there: Renderosity, Smith Micro-Content Paradise, etc.; could this program perhaps deal with multiple marketplaces, too ?

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