Character from Daz to Hex then back losses texture

Hi new at this so still finding my feet.

I sent a character fromDaz to Hexagon. a room with a floor. two walls and a roof,

removed one of the walls, that has a walkway, doorway and window. Texture looks fine in Hexagon.

Sent it back to Daz and the texture is all over the place.

What do I need to do to fix this? stop it from happening.

anyhelp is welcome.

BTW the weekend starts here


  • Hexagon is prone to removing the UVs, though that should affect Hexagon too - how are you sending the model to Hexagon and back again, via the bridge or via a file?

  • One of the things you cannot do when using the bridge tool is to remove or add anyfaces (delete or smooth).

    Normally I do not send a whole scene, character and room, I think it would be to much for my machine to handle.

    May I ask what you are trying to do ?

    Welcome to the weekend :)

  • Hi thanks for the info.

    1st off Richard, I am using the bridge both ways.

    2nd John. as said a room with a floor. two walls and a roof,

    I want to removed one of the walls, that has a walkway, doorway and window. leaving just one wall, floor and a roof,

    hope this helps

  • jjmainorjjmainor Posts: 480

    A picture would be helpful to see what "all over the place" looks like.  I don't have a problem sending stuff back and forth to delete faces as long as that's all I'm doing.  ie. as long as I don't use undo in Hexagon or weld anything on the model.  If you move vertexes, you'll get stretching and contraction of the map since the UV doesn't adjust with the shape of the model.

    What happens to me when I send a textured object to Hexagon, Hexagon will replace the textures with its own version of the images.  Often, they look ugly compared to the originals.  And Hexagon sends the object back to DS with those ugly maps applied.  I always have to copy the textures from the original version of the object onto the new one.

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    HI All

    Thanks to jjmainor's clue "as long as I don't use undo in Hexagon"

    its all good. I can now kitbash away again.

    thanks to all who posted your help is always welcome.

    have a good weekend

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