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[Apply Label in Product Library - does this actually work?] I decided to try this for the first time today and found that it doesn't seem to do anything and, of course, there are no instructions that I could find either.    So, is this a.)  working for others and if so are there instructions, b.) it just overwhelmed by the size of my library, or c.) another thing that doesn't work for some reason?

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    UPDATE - Well, I figured out part of the problem, which is that I was being an idiot in thinking that such a useful feature would have been part of the current DAZ store as designed.  It's actually part of the DAZ-DEALS browser extension. I still haven't got it working, but at least now I'm pretty sure the problem is related to Firefox, which used to be a fantastic browser but now seems to specdialize in breaking extensions constantly with unexpected "improvements."  So, I'll pursue that line of questioning in that incredibly useful products threads and post back what I find here. 

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    Whatever the feature might be, it doesn't work in Chrome either. 

    DAZ - why put something on your website that looks like an option, but with no instructions and no apparent way to access it?  

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    Ok, I don't know anything about Daz website itself, but if it's for the Daz Deals plugin, you can apply labels by adding anything in the comments section with a hashtag. Like #props or #forproject1 (you have to click "save comment" for them to save!). You can also add them from the products page, via the same comments section. It can be anything. Based on that, it'll create a drop down menu which allows you to sort your library/wishlist to only display products with a certain hashtag. Products can have more than one hashtags, and then they'll go on both lists. I have Chrome and it works for me.

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